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Palo Verde Union Elementary School District

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    About Our School

    About Us

    Palo Verde Union Elementary School is a rural, single-site school district encompassing approximately 20 square miles located just southwest of the city of Tulare. Approximately 610 prekindergarten through grade 8 students are served. 

    Our staff and board of trustees believe education is a shared responsibility- shared by the school, the parents and the students. By working together, we can make our vision a reality, where all students perform at their maximum potential, and differences of language, culture, economics and abilities are celebrated and become sources of strength for our students. The priorities of our school are to attain high student achievement and self-esteem; a love of learning; and a safe and inclusive environment. We are extremely proud of the quality of education students receive at Palo Verde. Its prepares, them well for their continuing education in high school, college, career and their adult lives. 

    Our school community has worked hard to provide our students with the very best education possible. This hard work and dedication has paid off in substantial academic success. Palo Verde is proud to be a California Distinguished School and a Title I Academic Achievement Award winner. Our staff is committed to making this school year another exciting and successful experience for each of our students. We are very fortunate to have many experienced and highly trained teachers who are passionate about making a difference for our students. Palo Verde is dedicated to serving each student's individual needs as well as reaching our overall school goals. Our staff strives toward building a school community whereby students and staff interact in a peaceful and cooperative environment that promotes order and highlights learning. 

    At Palo Verde, we provide the essential components of a quality school program. A rigorous academic curriculum in place to challenge and meet the needs of all our students. In addition to our core programs, we offer enriching and supplemental programs that enhance our student body experiences. We give the students many opportunities to feature their talents both academically and socially.